Travel Insurance
Regardless of purposes of travelling, an enjoyable and comfortable journey, rather than that with worries due to accidents is always preferred. Travel insurance plans have a comprehensive coverage which includes emergency medical expenses, personal accidents, journey delays, and personal responsibilities, etc.
Home / Householder's Insurance
Minimising your property damages and losses through the coverage on flooding due to water leakage, burglary, fire, issues of building structure and legal liabilities, the domestic insurance provides tenants' and owners' with comprehensive protection for their household properties and personal valuables, thus ensuring their comfortable living..
Insurance for Domestic Helpers
Domestic helpers have become more popular in Hong Kong. Employers are liable to legal responsibilities for accidents involving their helpers. To fulfill the employer's legal responsibility, a comprehensive insurance scheme for domestic helpers is essential. Additional options of insurance covering severe illness can even provide extra protection to the helpers.
Medical Insurance
Health is our treasure. The long waiting time for non-urgent operations and specialist services in the public hospitals and clinics, has caused much inconvenience of delayed medical care. In view of the higher medical costs of private medical services, additional financial burden can be relieved through a comprehensive medical insurance scheme.
Accident Insurance
Life is full of uncertainties. Accident insurances provide comprehensive contingency plans for coping with extra expenses incurred in connection with accidents. The insurances serve well as financial assistance by offering various protection features.
Motor Vehicles Insurance
According to Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance (Cap. 272, Laws of Hong Kong), all vehicle owners, with regard to the compensation for injury or death made by the third party who is using vehicle on a road in Hong Kong, must subscribe to relevant insurances. The motor vehicles insurance plans covering the legal liabilities incurred due to injury or death of the third party, or losses from property damages due to accidents, provide sufficient protection.

The motor vehicles insurance provides comprehensive protection through following insuring options:

Third Party Liability Insurance
This insurance covers the legal liabilities incurred due to death, injury or property damage of the third party.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance
This integrated motor insurance covers damages of the insured vehicle due to thefts and accidents.

Vehicle Driving Insurance
This insurance covers private cars running across the border into Guangdong Province.